Kopp's Kritters Red Wigglers and More
The Beginning!

Kopp’s Kritters started as a small animal education and
mobile petting zoo in 2006. Since we had lots of rabbits
it only seemed natural the next step would be to turn our
rabbits by products into something useful and at the same
time try to recoup some of our expenses. Hence, we started
selling our all “Natural Bunny Berry Compost”.  
Noticing how the composting worms loved our “Natural
Bunny Berry Compost” the next step was to
start raising compost worms. We hope you like our
“Natural Bunny Berry Compost” and our vermicompost.

Our products are great for the environment

Our products are all natural. No chemicals added.
We at Kopp's Kritters believe the environment should be treated
with respect. To accomplish this goal we would like to help you
compost as much of your waste as possible by using worms. In
addition, we want to encourage you to use less chemicals on your
food.  The best way to accomplish the goal of using less chemicals is
to grow your own food.