Please make sure the petting zoo or the animals you use at your event are
USDA APHIS licensed and insured.  

Birthday Parties - Suitable for all ages.  We bring 8 to 10 animals to your event.  
Every animal is friendly and can be held.  We tell a little bit about each animal.   
Excellent photo opportunity.
Price $180 plus travel expenses.

Fairs & Festivals - We are a self contained petting zoo.  We will bring 10 - 15
small animals for your fair or festivals.  All animals are friendly.  Kopp's Kritters
reserves the right to cancel the petting zoo because of the weather (heat, cold
or rain).  Our animals' safety and comfort are our number one priority!
Price - $120 1st hour; $90 each additional hr plus travel expenses.

Nursing/Assisted Living and Retirement Homes - We bring 8 - 10 soft cuddly
animals for animal therapy and pleasure.
Price - $120 per hour plus travel expenses.

Meet the Bunnies - We bring 6 -8 different types bunnies to your corporate or
church event.  The bunnies will range in size from 3 lbs to over 15 lbs.  
Excellent event for your Easter Program.  Very hands on.  
Great Picture opportunity.
Price - $120 per hour plus travel expenses.

Spinning Wheel Demonstration - Available for spinning demonstrations and
beginner lessons.
Price - varies

Science Enhancement Lessons - Lessons available for grades K - 8.  We
follow Georgia GPSstandards.  Available for schools within 60 miles of Athens.
Kopp's Kritters
Athens, GA                                                         706-540-8127